Why feeding your Tweets to your Facebook will leave it feeling hungry

Why feeding your Tweets to your Facebook will leave it feeling hungry
January 26, 2012 By admin Blog

Many businesses we deal with love to blog, this is great for SEO and to help build your brand. Most of them want us to find ways to feed their Tweets into their Facebook pages. There are many great WordPress plugins that enable you to do that, but after a recent meeting we had with Facebook we are now advising our clients away from doing this.

Here’s why;

Facebook has over 700 million users. Twitter has around 300 million or approximately 43% of the people Facebook has.

What we have to remember though is that Twitter has it’s own language. #, @, RT. If you Tweet you’ll know what those symbols do. Or if you are like the 53% of Facebook users who are not on Twitter you will have no clue what these mean.

Look at it this way, if you send out a tweet like this “RT: @primewebdesign its #FF check out our friends @whoever and @thatguy” 100% of your Twitter fans would get that, then if it was auto fed into your Facebook page 53% or more would be sitting there thinking “huh?”

Creating a confused customer is definitely not what you are going for i’m guessing? If you only use your company Twitter account to post links to your blog, then that is fine auto feeding works, but if you use it to communicate with clients and friends it doesn’t work. Alienating customers and fans is never a good thing, so undo your auto feed and take the extra second to post your blog link on your Facebook page manually.